Technologies used


material can be reused after recycling lithium-ion batteries


that many batteries can be recycled

The technology of battery recovery and recycling implemented by us allows us to obtain 98% pure materials from the obtained raw materials, broken down into raw materials such as: black mass, containing key elements such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and others, such as copper and aluminum.

We are currently cooperating with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow in order to create a Research and Development Center at our plant, whose task will be to develop newer and more effective recycling technologies, used and implemented in the electromobility and automotive industries. Research and Development Center will also be a place for acquiring practical knowledge and a testing ground in the process of training future staff.

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Comprehensive waste management solutions for electromobility and the automotive industry.


We offer comprehensive advice from our qualified team in planning waste management strategies aimed at cost optimization.


Recovery of key ingredients by grinding and granulation to a fraction that allows separation into individual fractions.


Separation in subsequent recycling processes of individual raw material fractions into black mass, which includes cobalt, nickel, lithium, as well as copper and aluminum.


Preparation of individual raw material fractions to be clean and of a quality that allows them to be recycled for re-use without compromising the quality in the production of a new product. Achieving a Circular Economy that leads to a reduction in emissions and carbon footprint.