Li-ion battery recycling process

Why is it so hard to recover components from lithium-ion batteries? These batteries are made up of many different parts that can explode if not broken down properly. An expensive procedure, the low value of the products makes recycling cost more than mining the lithium to make new ones. However, there is a point to […]

Battery life in electric cars

Ecological and cheap to operate – we are of course referring to electric cars. Recently we wrote about the fact that we have more and more electric cars. This is good news for companies that recycle their parts in a few years’ time. But what happens when the battery condition drops by 30%? 70% is […]

Electric vehicles in Poland

At the end of March 2022 in Poland we had less than 43.5 thousand electric cars. Is this result which is satisfying for us? The topic is very hot and we can argue about it endlessly. One thing is certain – the number of electric cars will be growing and in the same time on […]