Counter electromobility. What does the first half of the year look like?

Electric revolution on Polish roads! As of the end of June 2023, there were 45,214 electric vehicles in Poland, of which 11,489 were registered in the first half of this year – an increase of 72% compared to 2022. The fleet of electric cars continues to grow: we already have 80,232 electric passenger cars. This […]

Batteries lithium-sulfur -What do we know about them?

A discovery that could change the future of mobility! Australian company Li-S Energy has created a revolutionary lithium-sulfur cell with 20 layers, achieving an energy density of 0.4 kWh/kg and 0.54 kWh/l. This means that this new cell can store more energy in the same unit of volume compared to a classic Li-ion cell. The […]

New regulations- what are battery passports?

Battery Directive update is another step towards a sustainable future! The European Parliament has voted to revise regulations for cells and batteries, including the popular Li-ion cells. The new standards require a minimum recycled content of raw materials and the introduction of a Battery Passport and carbon footprint declarations for every battery on the market. […]

Clean transport zones. Clean Transportation Zones in Poland are just around the corner!

Clean transport zones in Poland just around the corner! New legislation is revolutionizing the approach to vehicle inspections in Clean Transportation Zones (SCTs). With remote monitoring, municipalities will be able to control vehicles entering SCTs using automatic license plate recognition. This will streamline the inspection process. Municipalities that opt for modern solutions will receive data […]