About us

A company with experience

Rare Metals is a company founded by a team with many years of experience in waste management, who has competences in the field of recycling and recovery of raw materials. We focus on a qualified team that has been working in the industry since the beginning of the entry into the Polish market of producers of lithium-ion batteries and components for their production. This cooperation gave the opportunity to gain valuable experience, which resulted in the establishment of the Rare Metals company, whose main goal is recycling for Electromobility and the entire Automotive industry.

We strive to maximize the quality of the raw materials obtained and customer satisfaction.

The quality of processed
raw materials

Customer satisfaction

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The main goal of Rare Metals is to improve the quality of the recovered raw materials in order to recycle them back to the production cycle.


A qualified team with many years of experience in the field of waste management, including recycling and recovery of raw materials.

New technologies

We implement the latest technologies in the field of li-ion battery recycling and the recovery of rare earth metals.

A team of specialists

One of the important values of the company is improving the qualifications of the team and developing the awareness of our partners and customers, so that as much waste as possible can be recycled. Responding to the requirements of the modern world, we strive to move to a low-carbon economy and significantly reduce the carbon footprint.