Rare metals recovery Acquires competing metal processing plant

Rare Metals Recovery acquires competing metal processing plant.Wroclaw, February 20, 2024 – Rare Metals Recovery (RMR), a Wastes Service Group company, announces its next phase of growth in the strategic raw materials recycling sector. As part of its strategy to strengthen its market position and pursue sustainable growth, RMR has acquired an organized part of […]

A surprising leader is electromobility is emerging. Poland can learn from him?

Uzbekistan is rapidly becoming a leader in electromobility in Central Asia, surprising us with the dynamics of development of this sector! Their successful electromobility policy deserves recognition and is an inspiration for many, including Poland. It’s worth watching this success and learning valuable lessons!At the same time, China, the global leader in electromobility, holds the […]

Review. Amendment to the electromobility law.

We take a look at the amendment to the Electromobility Law. Charging infrastructure in non-residential buildings is becoming a priority. The introduction of regulations that a building with more than 20 parking spaces must have at least one charging station is a step toward making charging more accessible. The regulations are also intended to encourage […]

Electromobility industry

The automotive industry accounts for 8% of Poland’s GDP and 13.5% of annual exports, employing 490,000 people. Parts suppliers rank 10th among component exporters in the world. PSPA estimates that electromobility could account for as much as 5% of national GDP by 2035. Global changes require the automotive sector to maintain its strong position in […]

Revolution in the battery sector in the European Union!

A revolution in the battery sector in the European Union! On July 12 this year, a groundbreaking step was taken in the field of sustainability – the European Parliament and the Council adopted legislation that includes regulations for the entire life cycle of batteries: from their design to end of life. The result is a […]

Electric revolution in poland

The electric revolution on Polish roads is gaining momentum! According to the latest data, sales of electric cars in Poland have increased by almost 60% compared to the same period last year. By July of this year, an impressive 13,293 electric cars had been registered, an increase of nearly 58% year-on-year. However, we do not […]

Facts and myths. Electric cars and electromobility

Electric cars: are they green? In Poland, more and more people are opting for electric cars – more than 80,000 vehicles are already on our roads powered by electricity or as plug-in hybrids. However, myths and stereotypes still surround them. Are electric cars really green and are they worth buying? More CO2 is indeed generated […]

Counter electromobility. What does the first half of the year look like?

Electric revolution on Polish roads! As of the end of June 2023, there were 45,214 electric vehicles in Poland, of which 11,489 were registered in the first half of this year – an increase of 72% compared to 2022. The fleet of electric cars continues to grow: we already have 80,232 electric passenger cars. This […]