Li-ion battery recycling

The benefit of the modular design of batteries in electric cars is that some of them can be replaced if they become damaged. How quickly do batteries wear out? Everything really depends on the user. The key is to keep the battery state of charge between 20 and 80%. Batteries are designed to serve us […]

Cooperation agreement between Rare Metals and the AGH University of Science and Technology

Rare Metals Sp. z o. o. begins cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology! Nasza współpraca opierać się będzie na wspieraniu rozwiązań na rzecz wdrażania modeli gospodarki o obiegu zamkniętym. Dzięki nawiązaniu współpracy będziemy mogli realizować: scientific and research and development projects  pilot and implementation projects related to the electromobility and automotive sectors, as […]