Charging stations for local governments

In the framework of the “Together for Eco-Change” project, the Santander Bank Poland Foundation and Santander Leasing have allocated as much as PLN 1 million for the transfer and maintenance of a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

The main goal of the competition is to fully finance the construction of a minimum of 16 electric vehicle charging stations and maintain them for 2 years. The program is open to all local government units with a population of less than 100,000 people.

We know that one of the biggest concerns of drivers using electric cars is the availability of charging stations, especially outside highways and major cities. Therefore, we want to be actively involved in the development of the Polish electromobility network and reduce these concerns. We know that more electric cars mean less exhaust fumes and noise in our cities and towns where we work, play sports or walk.

Forecasts show dynamic growth of electromobility in Poland. By 2030, the number of registered all-electric cars in our country is expected to reach almost one million. To achieve this, it is necessary to increase the number of publicly available charging stations from the current 5,000 to almost 100,000 in 2030.

Currently, 56% of the charging infrastructure is concentrated in large cities, so it is important to diversify the location of stations to accelerate the development of the electric car fleet in different regions of the country. We are counting on local governments in smaller towns and cities to also apply to our grant program.

Lenders, like us, are playing an increasingly important role in financing investments in electric vehicles. The dynamic growth in the financing provided and the number of charging stations, which was 144% and 140%, respectively, compared to the previous year, are great examples of this trend.

Let’s develop electromobility together!