Facts and myths. Electric cars and electromobility

Electric cars: are they green?

In Poland, more and more people are opting for electric cars – more than 80,000 vehicles are already on our roads powered by electricity or as plug-in hybrids. However, myths and stereotypes still surround them. Are electric cars really green and are they worth buying?

More CO2 is indeed generated in the production process of e-autos than in the creation of combustion cars, mainly due to EV batteries. However, in the use of electric cars, “electrics” have the advantage, becoming greener over the years. After driving tens of thousands of kilometers, the balance of CO2 emissions is more favorable for “electrics,” especially when using energy from RES.

Is it worth investing in an electric car?
You need to consider the price of the vehicle, which can be slightly more expensive than internal combustion cars, but government subsidies help make up the difference. The cost of using an e-car depends on the electricity rate. Charging at home is cheaper than at public stations.
In addition, electric cars require fewer repairs and have lower service costs, resulting in higher profitability. There are also numerous benefits for e-car owners, such as exemption from parking fees and bus pass entitlement.

Thus, there are financial and environmental benefits to choosing an electric car, which makes this eco-friendly future decision well worth it!