Recycling battery and the environment 

On the past Earth Day, we would like to remind you about one of the key elements of sustainable development, which is the recycling of used batteries.  We are aware that millions of batteries end up in landfills every day, polluting the soil, water and air, which is a serious threat to the natural environment and human health.

As a company specializing in battery recycling, we know how important it is to communicate information on how you can act to protect the environment. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to use collection points for used batteries, which are located in many electronics stores, petrol stations and in some city offices. 

Battery recycling is not only about keeping our environment clean, but also saving valuable natural resources. Materials contained in used batteries, such as zinc, copper, silver and gold, can be used in the production of new batteries and other products, which helps to reduce waste and use natural resources.