We dispel the myths related to electromobility

Time to debunk the myths surrounding electromobility.

The transmission grid can’t handle charging electric cars. False!

According to a study by PSE (Polish Power Grid), the share of electrics on the grid will not even exceed 4% of the load even in 2032. PSE is planning significant investments in the development of the grid, as well as introducing additional solutions, such as energy storage facilities, to meet growing demand.

Electric car fire extinguished for 20 hours?

The headlines may cause a sensation, but researchers in Austria have developed a quick and effective way to extinguish electric batteries. Of course, as with any fire, caution must be exercised, especially in multi-story parking lots, where the gases escaping during combustion can pose a greater danger.

Current deposits are insufficient to shift humanity to electrics? True, there is currently a challenge with the availability of sufficient resources, just as there was in the past with oil.

But technological advances in extraction, changes in the supply chain and recycling can help us solve this problem. Together, we can move toward a sustainable future!