What is a car battery made of?

Batteries in electric cars are mainly lithium-ion products, which are also found in our mobile phones or other household appliances. However, they contain many more elements than we think, both rarer and more common.

However, the state of these elements is very dependent on demand and supply as well as trends in the energy, electronics and automotive industries.

Currently, the elements used in batteries are considered to be scarce on the market, the supply is low compared to the demand, which results in high prices on the market. The prices of some elements, e.g. neodymium and dysprosine, have already increased several times over the years.

However, in the case of automotive batteries, there are concerns that the increase in demand for rare elements could cause further price increases and limit the development in the electric vehicle market. However, research into alternative materials and actions to increase the efficiency of the production and recycling of rare elements are aimed at reducing the risk of non-availability of these raw materials.